December 27, 2011

New Blog!

Managing a blog from Tumblr instead of Blogspot is a lot easier.

All further posts will be moved to here!

December 11, 2011

Just Kidding... Snow!

Just on cue, Arcadia's been blanketed with a fresh, crisp blanket of snow! I'm excited; winter's my favorite season.

I invited Mitzi over so we could both warm up, though.

Scout even peeped her head outside from her slumber to see what the fuss was all about.

Scout's not very good at making snowmen.

December 10, 2011

No Snow?

Lobo finally moved out without much warning. He's been in Arcadia for almost a year now, it feels like there's a noticeable gap without him.

His goodbye was a bit heartfelt. But not as much as it probably was for Mac. Is this the end of their one-sided bromance? He hasn't been taking the news too well.

I went to Mitzi, seeing as she's the most sensible one in town, for some advice.

Mitzi seemed pretty confident in the prospect of a long-distance relationship, but I'm pretty doubtful.
Right in Lobo's spot, (why can't any new neighbors take some different spots?) Moose moved in, which makes him Arcadia's second mouse. I'm not too pleased, but it's not as bad as the Duckocalypse.

Your face says otherwise.

I can't be the only one who's tired of the dead, brown grass around town. It's December already; I'm ready for some snow to blanket the town!

I was so impatient and irritated that I decided to punish Gloria, and let the neighbors watch this time.

Don't pity her, Twiggy, she deserved it.

November 13, 2011


I love the rain during the fall.
But it looks like the rain isn't going to last much longer.

Stitches is even considering hibernation.

In other news, my neighbors are depressingly lonely.

And everyone still hates Gloria. What is it going to take to make her move out? Maybe we can roast her for Thanksgiving instead of Franklin.

I'm still sad about Ruby's departure, but Twiggy moved in to take her place. She fills the peppy void in my heart that was Ruby.

But I hope Mitzi never moves. She's adorable and we're bros so she's staying.

October 25, 2011

Fall Hiatus

It's another crisp, brown fall in Arcadia. Nothing's changed.
Wait a second.

Hold on, wait.
Ruby's moving? NO. That's what I get for taking a three-week hiatus.

And Gloria's still here, keeping to herself. I haven't talked to her in weeks, so I'm not surprised she doesn't recognize me, much less anyone else since she's always in her house. At least she's not being a burden onto everyone else. But I can't hit her with my net if she never comes outside.

Take a guess what (b)romance is still going strong.

I finally saw Lobo and Mac talking to one-another. I guess the love is unrequited, since Lobo's being pretty gruff toward Mac. But poor Mac, he's a fighter.

Gaston moved out a while ago, and Arcadia has a new neighbor in his place. Literally, in his place. Nobody ever moves to interesting plots of land anymore.

I also went to Minicity.

August 12, 2011

50 lbs of Frozen Yogurt

Ruby's picked up some poor eating habits, and I've begun to be concerned about her health. I mean, she already has her skin condition to worry about. I'm just stepping in as a concerned friend.

A concerned friend whose friend is in denial.

Mac still has feelings for Lobo, and now he's going strong. He's bumped his attempts to win Lobo's affection up a notch, this time with a bouquet.

I found Kaitlin's counterpart crying helplessly in my town. Really, if you're going to be traveling with your small child, you can't just unknowingly leave them in an entirely different village. Who does that?

At least she's good for watering my flowers.

My attempt to ger her out of town was a bit morbid, but it was worth a shot.

This was obligatory.

August 08, 2011

First Fireworks

I guess Ruby forgot what was happening, despite the loud noises outside.